Over 30 years of experience selling engineered equipment and services to biopharmaceutical manufacturing companies on the West Coast.

Biotechnical Solutions represents high quality companies that focus on a range of processing systems. We have experience in both liquid and dry processes.  Combining engineering training with operations management and sales experience, we provide outstanding support and know-how to our customers.


Over the years, Biotechnical Solutions has represented companies with a wide range of products to the ever-changing biopharmaceutical industry. 

Current offerings include Single Use Systems and Components, Process Systems, Custom Stainless Fabrications, Process Vessels, Containment Booths and Isolators, Magnetic Mixers, Radial Tank Bottom Valves, Cleaning Equipment, Electronic Web-Based TOPs, and Modular Bio-Manufacturing Facilities.


Biotechnical Solutions' commitment to our customers is to provide outstanding service and to represent high quality companies who offer our customers the finest support available. 

We value your business today and in the future.